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The Natural Order: unleash your animal self

What is Baruchanism?

Baruchanism is an ancient Science of Kings, over 5000 years old, but now translated for the modern world. Baruchanism is a concise extract of the transcendental wisdom and practical experience used to raise up and bring to glory the Empires of Babylon, Egypt and Rome.

On the brink of collapse of the old world order and birth of a new humanity, Baruchanism is the laboratory in which a new civilisation is being conceived and born. Baruchanism is based upon the Natural Order of the Universe and its unchangeable laws of nature, calling Man to rediscover himself and free himself from the bondages of morality, religion and all forms of unnaturalness.

By unleashing our animal self, we deliver ourself from the prison of dualism, self-repression and self-destruction, and discover the ecstatic freedom of just being who and what we really are: true man, true beast, true god.

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Academy of the Natural Order: Introduction

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13 Laws of the Nature

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Four Towers of Consciousness


The Natural Order

Welcome to the Academy of the Natural Order. Here begins the journey of your initiation into the mystery of the Great Pyramid and its natural laws.

They will guide you through the four steps of transformation and renewal of your consciousness, liberation from fear, activation of courage and restoration of your primordial masculinity and primordial femininity.
Become conscious of the Laws of Nature
Activate the power of the beast within yourself
Become courageous and fearless
Restore your real masculinity or femininity

Mastering the Material World

The material world is a mirror in which our consciousness is reflected in its physical form. Ancient scriptures teach: let us make man in our own image and our  likeness.

Mental and physical worlds are inseparable, just as an image is inseparable from its mirror reflection. Learn to fully control your mental image and you will realize that you are endowed with an omnipotent power that is always at your disposal.

Become a master of your consciousness
Learn to use the mental keys to unlock your real life 
Realize oneness of mental and physical realities
Become a scientist of success and bring your life to splendour

Alchemist of the Dragon

Since energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. And as you know: everything is energy. The liberation of energy from its current vessel, its transformation and canalisation into the desired state - this is the principle of all magical operations.

Learn to transform any state, heal yourself from the burdens of the "past" and turn lead (the weight of remorse and morality) into gold (the glorious present).
Unlock the secret teaching of transforming of energy
Transform burden into lightness, sadness into joy and lack into prosperity
Learn to use mental tools in your inner alchemical labor
Discover how to extract, transform and canalize the energy into every desired state

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is the gateway to the Matrix system, the world we were born into and live in. If you are a chosen one, you can be initiated into the great mystery of LUX and illuminated by the black light of the rising Morning Star. This gives you the key to unleash your secret powers and rise to the highest possible level of your consciousness.
Discover the mystery of splendor and majesty
Slaughter your sheep-mentality and liberate yourself from the rest of secondary consciousness
Ascend to the highest level of your consciousness through devotion and complete dedication
Become the forerunner of the new civilization of Human 2.0

Pyramid of the Natural Order

The pyramid is an ancient symbol demonstrating how the Universe is built and how it functions. This symbol and the archetype it represents are based on the Laws of Nature. The evolution, progress and development of life as a whole and of an individual person are totally dependent on the proper understanding of these Laws. Once you have learned how the Law of the Pyramid works, and have accepted your proper place within its network, you activate your growth and the evolution of your consciousness.

Our Destiny


The goal of Baruchanism is creating a new man and a new civilisation, which will replace the decaying rests of nowadays ruling cast and will build on their ruin the eternal Empire of Natural Order. Together we will celebrate the resurrection of true manliness and femininity, restoration of eternal and unchangeable archetypes and their traditional roles, healing from the poison of dualism, religion and spirituality...

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“Reading the success stories of other people won't make you successful. Come with us and write your own!”

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But if you want to read some stories, here you go...
What I love about Master Baruch's work is his ruthless honesty, that he calls things by their names and talks about them openly. This means that all the inner barriers that prevent me from living in accordance with my highest ideal are revealed. I can say this about myself. I penetrate deeper and deeper into the layers of my consciousness and thus reveal everything that does not correspond to me or my nature. What I have learned and changed in the process is my courage to continually take steps into the unknown. As soon as I started doing them, I grew incredibly proud of myself and got a liberating feeling.

I have long been engaged in the discovery and disclosure of my 100% potential. At Master Baruch's side, I gained access to deep knowledge and wisdom that required courage, ruthless honesty, and a consistent, comprehensive approach. I formulated my big goal, my personal vision and aspiration. This journey is very intense, requires my constant vigilance and has both challenges and breathtaking moments. And yzes, the journey continues...

Thanks to the transformation of my consciousness, miracles in my life occur much faster and more intensely. I feel my strength, I see my growth. My words and actions are clear and definite. And the more I allow myself to live my I AM, the more I am in harmony and at peace with myself. Big dreams, big goals. Sometimes my breath catches, sometimes I feel trembling. But I am attached to one thing, to a big goal, and everything else is built around me. This is my path, and I will always continue it with a joyful heart. Thank you MASTER BARUCH for your teaching, your service and your progress.

I love Master Baruch's webinars. It is an essence that works deep within me, that touches my soul. It makes me feel more and more like myself. I began to live a more conscious life, I became more courageous. Many self-condemnations were allowed to dissolve. This uncompromising attitude was exactly what I needed. My process of awareness has accelerated, which, of course, makes me very happy.


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