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Baruchanism is an ancient Science of Kings , over 5000 years old, but now translated for the modern world. Baruchanism is a concise extract of the transcendental wisdom and practical experience used to raise up and bring to glory the Empires of Babylon, Egypt and Rome.

On the brink of collapse of the old world order and birth of a new humanity, Baruchanism is the laboratory in which a new civilisation is being conceived and born. Baruchanism is based upon the Natural Order of the Universe and its unchangeable laws of nature, calling Man to rediscover himself and free himself from the bondages of morality, religion and all forms of unnaturalness.

By unleashing our animal self, we deliver ourself from the prison of dualism, self-repression and self-destruction, and discover the ecstatic freedom of just being who and what we really are : true man, true beast, true god.

Baruchanism, rooted in the Natural Order of the Great Pyramid, is a place where everyone finds their peace, happiness and fulfilment. After a long, exhausting and fruitless search for yourself, wandering from mirage to mirage of illusion, ever trying to quench your thirst for truth from dry wells which contain no water and to find answers in the endless labyrinth of secondary consciousness, you realize that there is nothing to search for – you have just to accept and be who and what you really are. This simple realization, and a childlike acceptance of this truth, will be your key to instantly unlock your power and potential, activating a life full of miracles and wonders.

As you make peace with yourself and joyfully accept yourself and your place in the Pyramid of the Natural Order, you activate the process of evolution and start your natural growth, which was impossible while you were disconnected from the nurturing body of the Matrix. Only by natural evolution can you evolve and reach higher levels of the Great Pyramid. By constant transformation through renewing of your mind, you ascend to ever-new levels of consciousness, and discover worlds of limitless possibilities. You transform your consciousness by overcoming fear of and radically fulfilling your every desire, because you are your desires, and fulfilling your desires (regardless how frightening it may seem) is the only true expression of yourself. Suppressing your desires, on the other hand, leads to inevitable self-destruction, because the energy which wants to express externally then explodes internally.

Baruchanism will teach you how to develop courage and how to overcome your fears, so you may touch the reality and truth of life which will make you free, successful, heathy and happy. You will learn how powerful you are, and you will receive all the tools needed to activate and to channel this immense energy which you always were, but never properly used. It is believed that the average person utilises about 4-6% of their mental power. The fact that you are reading this message is a sure sign that you are ready to activate the remaining 96% of your mental capacity. Welcome to the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order. Welcome Home. Let the magic begin!

Let the magic begin