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1. Peace and Happiness (EN)

The first course is designed to activate and restore a state of serene happiness and deep peace of mind, which are the foundation for success, love and meaningful life. A person in a state of internal conflict will never achieve anything significant in life. This course will free you from the first illusion of the secondary consciousness and relief you from the overwhelming burden of trying to change yourself. You are who you are. By opening and accepting your bestial nature, you will receive the key with which you will open the life of your dreams.

You will learn to listen to the voice of your desires and understand how the mechanism works that will help you fulfill all your dreams. During this course, you will begin to develop the strength and courage that will make you invincible, strong and fearless. You will understand what it means to be a real man and woman, you will realize what place is prepared for you in the Great Pyramid and having taken it you will find peace and happiness that you have never even dreamed of before.

Welcome to the Academy of the Natural Order. Let the magic begin!
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Module 1

1. Becoming yourself (EN) (49')

In the first module you learn how to bring peace and happiness back into your life. Start to use the laws of nature to activate your dormant powers and bring all your wishes, dreams and desires to fulfillment. 
  • 1.1. Total acceptance of yourself (EN) (14')
  • 1.2. Total acceptance of your desires (EN) (22')
  • 1.3. Total surrender to yourself (EN) (14')
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Module 2

2. The key to happiness (EN) (71')

In the second module you will break your chains, free yourself from the prison of your mind and reconcile yourself with your true, animalistic nature.
  • 2.1. Happiness, product of naturalness (EN) (11')
  • 2.2. Stop fighting with yourself (EN) (19')
  • 2.3. Concentration: your path to peace (EN) (25')
  • 2.4. Eliminating the causes of distraction (EN) (15')
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Module 3

3. Courage and fearlesness (EN) (47')

Strength without courage is useless. Learn to stand boldly for who you really are. Let your light shine and illuminate the world. Stop being an escapist. Instead touch naked life, face reality, and grow strong and undefeatable. 
  • 3.1. Courage to be who you really are (EN) (14')
  • 3.2. Presenting yourself to the world (EN) (19')
  • 3.3. Managing pressure and manipulation (EN) (14')
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Module 4

4. Master of materialization (EN) (47')

Get the key to fulfilling your every wish and desire. Learn ancient techniques used to become king and generate wealth and power. Become fully reconciled with your true nature. And… Unleash the Beast!
  • 4.1. Expressing your desire and the mindset of fulfilled wish (EN) (10')
  • 4.2. Thinking from the end (EN) (16')
  • 4.3. Unleash the Beast (EN) (20')
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1. Peace and Happiness (EN)

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