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40+ Years Science of the Kings

As a six-year-old boy, Master Baruch knew he was destined to be a king, to shape a new civilization and write a new chapter in world history. Shortly after his sixth birthday, a series of occult and mystical encounters and experiences followed, which molded his life forever and opened access to new dimensions of consciousness. Without knowing how and when this is to happen, Master Baruch knew that it will take place at the appointed time. Neither Rome was built in one day. Every empire was built from the first stone, a journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step.

Master Baruch always knew that success and prosperity are the foundation of mental life. You can't have a healthy mental life if you're constantly worrying about money. As within, so without. As above, so below. That's why it was clear: He will lead a wonderful life, filled with wealth, success and an abundance of all good things. He will travel the world, drive the best sports cars, buy everything his heart desires without looking at the price. These are all natural status symbols of royal consciousness.

But the material prosperity and the royal life, the self-evident basis of his life, were by no means everything. He wanted to explore the mysteries of being, to explore the invisible, to experience the supernatural even more closely - which he had had so much experience with as a child. The first step was to turn the revealed knowledge into the science of success - supported by countless experiments, attempts, trial and error. Yes, the world is not enough and less than everything is out of the question. He wanted to decipher the secret of omnipotence, limitless power and immeasurable wealth - in order to live this omnipotence freely.

As with most Masters and Keepers of the Great Secret, Master Baruch's path was not straight from A to B, but led him through the labyrinths of the secondary consciousness. In this labyrinth he has studied various religions, lived in monasteries, read every religious and esoteric book he could get his hands on and absorbed everything that could serve as a clue or guide on his way. However, the greatest revelations and most important insights came to him during the years of his life spent with his first and last teacher and master - the practical Kabbalah.

Born in Moscow in 1973, into an intellectual, rather poor family, the realization of his dreams seemed completely impossible: freedom to travel outside the USSR impossible, access to conventional sources of information very limited, his opportunities and future prospects very slim.

But he kept believing in himself and his dreams, and that has always worked wonders. By the time he was 12, he had enough money to only ride cabs, buy the best clothes, and eat at the most expensive restaurants. He generated more money per day than both of his parents made per month.

He became a rabbi at the age of 23, visited 42 countries, lived in 14 of them and speaks ten languages ​​fluently. At the age of 27 he became a millionaire for the first time, at the age of 37 he lost everything. And not just money, but also self-respect, self-confidence and self-esteem. In that dark night of the soul, he began to remember the time when he was really happy and he began to carefully analyze everything he had learned and practiced up until then. What was he doing back then that helped him achieve such rapid and grandiose success? What did he do to lose all this? What should he do now, not only to reach the previous state again, but to exceed it by light years? In a moment he realized: success is a science. The wisdom of Kabbalah was transformed in him into the living science of success.

As soon as he began to consciously apply the metaphysical laws of nature, his life began to change rapidly for the better - so quickly and so powerfully that he himself and everyone who knew him could only marvel. And he wondered, yes, he marveled every day at these new miracles that were happening day by day in his life. The law of the avalanche came into force. As if in sleep, one consciousness optimization after the other happened, which automatically brought about colossal paradigm shifts. And that is just the beginning of his unstoppable march from glory to glory.

Master Baruch invites you to share his knowledge and experience, to learn about the metaphysical laws of the Science of Success and Black Kabbalah along with its rituals. Your own experience will confirm to you in a very short time: there is no other teaching that is as powerful and powerful as this one. Come along! Discover the true meaning of your life and fill it with happiness, joy, glory and prosperity.

Let the magic begin