Our Destiny


The goal of Baruchanism is creating a new man and a new civilisation, which will replace the decaying rests of nowadays ruling cast and will build on their ruin the eternal Empire of Natural Order.

With the keys of Baruchanism you will unlock your life-goal, awaken the dormant parts of your consciousness and activate the unused 96% of your mental capacity. Baruchanism is based upon over 5000 years of indisputable and successful experience and practice, extracted and translated for the 21st century.


Become a student of the Science of Success and learn how to lay a solid foundation for an abundance of prosperity, health and happiness.

Learn how to apply the Laws of Natural Order in your daily life to discover and fulfill your unique life mission and destiny.

Use the tools and techniques of Baruchanism to clear your mind of all mental filth, enter the Stream of Life and bind yourself to the Great Goal.

Practice self-remembering, which is not only one of the most powerful tools for achieving any goal, but also the only foundation on which your conscious life and renewed mind can rest.

Actively involve yourself in building a community of new men and new women by applying, developing, and perfecting your unique gifts and abilities.

And then... accept the great challenge of becoming the Architect of the Matrix.

In each generation there is a certain number of people who are ready and able to fulfill the Great Commission to lead the entire civilization to a new and higher dimension. These chosen ones are distinguished by their resonance with the Truth and the ability to accept it and live by it, becoming its living manifestation.

Every evolutionary push in the history of mankind was made thanks to this type of people. Illuminated by the light of truth, remembering themselves, they realize that their search is over - they are home again, in their dream, which becomes their only living reality. To the blind and cowardly scum they seem crazy. But it is precisely by losing our mind and being possessed by the Great Purpose that we taste the blood of the Grail and become one with divine wisdom, and transform ourselves through complete renewing of our consciousness. We cannot pour new wine into old wineskins. Consciousness is a vessel. Thus, the old vessel must be destroyed and a new one created.

We begin the journey by learning and applying the ancient knowledge hidden in the six courses of the First Tower. This process of learning and growth will inevitably lead to the birth of community, support groups and study circles. Once the level of community has been reached, the path of energy-transforming and channeling initiations and rituals can begin.

Growth in the Pyramid of Natural Order is divided into four stages, or four Towers...

Time to destroy and time to build..

The first step is to free yourself from all the old content, destroy the old vessel and free yourself from the notions of the illusions of the Secondary Consciousness. This is done by gradually resolving cognitive dissonances by confronting the naked truth and reality of nature and re-activating self-remembering. Become a real Warrior or Keeper of the warrior's castle and the boundaries of the Empire.

Second step. Filling your new vessel with new wine - the word of life, authority and power, using the most powerful, ancient initiations and rituals as a means of releasing, amplifying and channeling energy, as well as planting and fixing the seed of occult power-knowledge in your subconscious, which has been used from the very beginning of mankind by emperors, kings and rulers of this world to build their kingdoms, to establish their authority and to make their essence immortal.

Third step. Initiations into the secret of the Great Pyramid and its laws of Power, Splendor and Glory. Take active part in developing the community of new men and women, acquire new leadership and professional skills required to fulfill your unique role in building, governing and dominating the earth and managing the community for the benefit of the fulfilment, evolution and happiness of every member of the New Humanity.

Fourth step. Become an adept and be initiated into the Supreme Secret of the Great Pyramid to keep it and to pass it on in due time to the worthy and chosen successors of future generations.