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Welcome to the Treasury of the Natural Order. Immerse yourself in the sea of living knowledge and become a student of truth and a scientist of success. Here you will find a complete library of video, audio and ebooks, arranged for you by topic and focus. If you have any questions about where to start or what further steps you need to take now, arrange a free consultation with our team of experts. Your search is over, welcome home!

Get to know Royal Club Package

Master Baruch's Royal Club is among the finest and most sublime offerings.

Self-love in all its facets: discover, experience, accept.

German: Sundays 5, 12, 19 and 26 Februar 2023 at 18 h

1:1 Session with Master Baruch

The most important resource in our life is time. Since my wisdom and knowledge are priceless, you pay only an hour of my lifetime, which I dedicate to you with my undivided attention.

The Black Kabbala (German)

The Black Kabbalah - The science of the kings and rulers of this world. Your key to success, wealth and happiness. (In German).

Purity rebalancing: Unleash your femininity/masculinity

Three day 1:1 retreat with Master Baruch of superior intensity.

The Art of Mental Warfare

Learn the secrets and the art of spiritual warfare.

Master of Self-Remembrance

12 sessions of 45 minutes each. All of creation is subordinate to those who practice self-remembrance.

3-Days with Master Baruch

There are things that must be experienced at least once because nothing else can replace the power of experience. This includes a three-day 1:1 retreat with Master Baruch.

Science of High Magic of the Black Kabbala

The High Magic of Black Kabbalah is a science to achieve extraordinary and prominent successes in the shortest possible time.

New Year's Night with Master Baruch

Experience the mystery, splendour and magic of New Year's Night in a 1:1 retreat with Master Baruch.