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3-Days with Master Baruch

Complete Transformation 1:1 Retreat

There are things that must be experienced at least once because nothing else can replace the power of experience. This includes a three-day 1:1 retreat with Master Baruch.

When you were a child, the world seemed so big to you, full of adventure and endless possibilities. The older you got, the more your world shrank, the more limited your options became, the more implausible your dreams became. In reality, the world has not changed. You have only been blinded and misled by the illusions of the secondary consciousness. The Three Days with Master Baruch will resurrect your inner child, free you from the evil enchantment of limitations, and lead you back into a world of wonder, miracles, and breathtaking possibilities.

Lose yourself completely in his powerful energy, let yourself be guided into the deepest layers of your consciousness, discover your true passions, longings and desires, reinvent yourself and become the person you always wanted but never dared to be - beautiful, powerful, clear and strong!

Just a walk with Master Baruch can change your life completely. In three magical days, Master Baruch will envelop you in his energy, take you on a journey through the endless layers of his knowledge, bring you to the source of his power, initiate you into the mysteries of the 5000-year-old Science of the Kings, and open up levels of consciousness that you are not even could dream of.
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