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Purity rebalancing: Unleash your femininity/masculinity

Cleanse yourself of the energetic mixtures and discover the power of pure femininity and masculinity

Three days that will change your life forever. Do you dream of living in perfect harmony, filled with peace, bliss, purpose and power? Your dream is now ready to come true and become your everyday life. Three days of intense energy work await you, in which your primordial energy will be cleaned of all mixtures and your primordial masculinity or primordial femininity will be restored.

The absolute purity of this energy is the prerequisite for a harmonious and happy life, since the mixing of male and female energies is the cause of all inner conflicts that paralyze people, rob them of their vitality and tear them apart from within.

You will be initiated into the secrets of the energetic equilibrium, which have been guarded for thousands of years. The accompanying rituals will recalibrate your energy and bring you back to your original state of purity.

Like all VIP offers, this retreat will be individually tailored for you and adapted to your unique energetic field.
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