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Science of High Magic of the Black Kabbala

Learn the oldest science in the world and start living without limits.

Magic is a science and an art of how to generate, amplify and direct energy to achieve results beyond ordinary energy levels. You need different power - different energy, whether you want to move a vehicle or an airplane or a rocket.

High Magic is a science that originated in ancient Babylon and has since been practiced by all people who wished to achieve extraordinary success or rise to the pinnacle of power. The High Magic is a most precise instruction on how to create a mental vessel that can generate and hold the appropriate energy, establish energetic channels through which this energy can flow, install transistors that amplify and transform this energy and finally the rituals that channel the energy to get the desired results.

Since everything in our world is energy, for one who has mastered the fine art of energy work, all things become possible.

Introduction to High Magic consists of 6 sessions of 40 minutes each. Participation in this course has special conditions that the candidate must meet. To find out if you qualify to participate, schedule an in-person consultation.
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