Pyramid of the Natural Order

The Pyramid of the Natural Order is made up of people, in various layers, who are connected to each other through a united goal.

The first and largest layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order is the working class, which serves as the foundation for the entire pyramid. These are the people who are the least valued and the least paid in our current society. Yet the well-being of society depends precisely on these people. If we want to repair a car, we go to a mechanic and not to a philosopher. In the Natural Order, the worker, the farmer, the craftsman and the service worker receive the respect, appreciation and wages they deserve.

The second layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order consists of the "warriors" - mentally and physically strong and healthy men and women who are willing to live and die for great ideals and goals. Together with the first layer, they form a secure and stable foundation for the whole of civilization. Free from inner conflicts and cognitive dissonance, practical, realistic and life-oriented, they constantly expand the empire and protectively guard their boundaries.

The third layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order consists of "scientists." They stand for constant development and evolution in all fields of natural science, and research of the physical as well as metaphysical laws of nature, through inseparable and deep connection with nature itself and its power. They learn about man through nature and about nature through man, thus promoting the restoration of the Natural Order, which is a synonym for "Paradise."

The fourth layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order consists of artists. The pyramid serves as their boundless space and inspiration for their talents, aspirations and skills. Consumed by their great goal, they are moved to create masterpieces in music, words, painting, architecture, and applied arts that are destined for eternity. Freed from inferiority complexes and small-mindedness by the teachings of Baruchanism, they are determined to surpass all there is in beauty and splendor with their art.

The fifth layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order are the entrepreneurs. They build factories, spaces for development and production; they create new jobs, opportunities and conditions for expansion and prosperity. They are supported and encouraged to implement new, revolutionary and bold ideas and to constantly look and go one step ahead, as they develop and use their prophetic gifts, which they discover and activate through the teaching of BARUCHANISM. Entrepreneurs and workers are no longer opposing classes exploiting each other (one through poor pay and the other through poor work), but two forces working for and with each other to ensure the overall well-being of all society.

The sixth layer of the Great Pyramid of the Natural Order consists of the leadership initiated into the Secret of the Natural Order, who, in absolute clarity and undivided concentration, are perfectly dedicated to their task of managing the matrix system and achieving, together with all layers, the great goal and the realization of each individual’s potential.

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