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Salve at Master Baruch's Royal Club - the treasury of the deepest mystical knowledge of the Kings and the hall of divine encounter and royal rituals.

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Saturday, February 04, 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM, (GMT +1, Rome)

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Royal Gems

Royal Sessions

There is a Live Royal Session with Master Baruch every two weeks. Each time you dive into the deepest mystery and knowledge, and learn to implement it directly in your life. In addition, part of each session is devoted to the study of the Natural Order. At the end of each session we dive into the depths of silence together.

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The complete guide on your nature and how to reconnect with yourself in order to find your meaning of life.

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Royal Library

Welcome to the ever-growing library of The Natural Order, exclusively made-to-measure for Royal Club members. Here you will find hundreds of articles and e-books with instructions and techniques for consciousness optimization and renewal of your mind. As a member of the Royal Club you are always the first to receive and implement the latest insights and revelations from Master Baruch.

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Royal Bonus

Enjoy Master Baruch's public webinars at 50% off and attend exclusive events at special rates. Get access to an exclusive library of subliminal sound activations. The Royal Club membership also offers you further advantages with the ever-growing number of partners of Baruchanism supplying luxury goods.

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