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Master Classes

Welcome to the treasury of video footage. Hundreds of hours of multidimensional knowledge await you here, revealed to you word by word and layer by layer. A new “click” experience awaits you every time, because the living word reaches ever deeper layers of your subconscious and illuminates your heart, mind and spirit.

Symbols of power: the secret seals of King Solomon

Kabbalah attributes King Solomon's phenomenal and rationally utterly inexplicable success to his “72 seals”—magical power symbols—that he created and used in his rituals.

Trance & Ecstasy

“Trance & Ecstasy”. In order for a new reality to emerge, the old reality must be destroyed. "Reality", according to quantum physics, is nothing more than the firmly formed neural connections.

Telepathy & Teleportation: activation and practical application.

Learn what telepathy and teleportation are, what they are not and how to develop and apply these powerful tools in your life.

Visualisation: Activation of your inner sight!

Practical workshop. Learn what visualization is, how to activate visualization and apply it practically.

Childhood: the core of your true self

Discover your true power and free yourself from victimism and failure programs.

The secret of the seed

Learn to see things not in their current form, but in their potential and purpose.

The Secret of Your Body

Why Everyone's Afraid You Find Out the Truth About Your Body!